Figshare Fest 2022 - Presentation videos

Posted on 2022-12-21 - 11:35 authored by Team Figshare

These are the presentations from Figshare Fest 2022, held at Melbourne Connect on October 12. 

The agenda was as follows: 

10:10-11:10am: Introduction and State of Open Data 2022, Mark Hahnel

11.10-11.20: RMIT and Figshare: Early Steps and Where to Next, Adam Rivett

11:20-11.30: Figshare 12 months on - Lucie Goudie, CQU

11.45-11:55: The ROADS to open - Veronica Ghee, Flinders University

11.55-12.05: The use of Groups at Monash University - Andrew Harrison

12:05-13:00: Product roadmap update, Chris Blumzon

14:30-15:00: Figshare at Melbourne and Emerging Academic Use, Ailie Smith, Kate Coleman, Dougie Boyle and Katie Boncza Ozdowska

15:00-15:30: Exploring Constellation Models for Archiving and Exhibiting Research, Kate Coleman, University of Melbourne

15:45-15:55: Following ROADS: An (Un)expected Journey - Sarah Barkla, Flinders University

15:55-16:50: The foundations for data sharing - building a framework for institutional RDM, Keith Russell, ARDC


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