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posted on 2022-10-27, 10:59 authored by Team FigshareTeam Figshare, Mark HahnelMark Hahnel, Adam RivettAdam Rivett, Lucie GoudieLucie Goudie, Veronica GheeVeronica Ghee, Andrew HarrisonAndrew Harrison, Christopher Blumzon, Ailie SmithAilie Smith, KATHRYN COLEMANKATHRYN COLEMAN, DOUGLAS BOYLEDOUGLAS BOYLE, Katie Boncza Ozdowska, Sarah BarklaSarah Barkla, Keith Russell

These are the presentation slides from Figshare Fest 2022 ANZ. It was held at Melbourne Connect on 12 October 2022. 

The Agenda for Figshare Fest was as follows: 

10-10:05am: Acknowledgement of Country, welcome to event, Eleanor Colla

10:05-10:10am: Welcome from Digital Science, Beth Sarabia

10:10-11:10am: Introduction and State of Open Data 2022, Mark Hahnel, Figshare

11.10-11.20: RMIT and Figshare: Early steps and where to next, Adam Rivett, RMIT

11:20-11.30: Figshare 12 months on - Lucie Goudie, CQU

11:30-11:45: Break

11.45-11:55: The ROADS to open - Veronica Ghee, Flinders

11.55-12.05: The use of Groups at Monash University - Andrew Harrison, Monash University

12:05-13:00: Product roadmap update, Chris Blumzon, Figshare

13:00-14:30: Lunch

14:30-15:00: Figshare at Melbourne and emerging academic use, Ailie Smith, Kate Coleman, Dougie Boyle and Katie Boncza Ozdowska, University of Melbourne

15:00-15:30: Exploring constellation models for archiving and exhibiting research, Kate Coleman, University of Melbourne

15:30-15:45: Break

15:45-15:55: Following ROADS: An (un)expected journey - Sarah Barkla, Flinders University

15:55-16:50: The foundations for data sharing - building a framework for institutional RDM, Keith Russell, ARDC


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