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Strengthening institutional open research ecosystems with repositories

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posted on 2024-05-22, 08:50 authored by Team FigshareTeam Figshare

A recording of a webinar held in partnership with Times Higher Education on Thursday 16th May, 2024.

The webinar focused on:

  • The complexities faced by institutions in managing open research
  • The role of repositories in maximising the value of an open research infrastructure
  • Enhancing reporting capabilities through interconnectivity and integration
  • How a reliable open research infrastructure can help to ensure compliance with the FAIR (findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability) principles and open access policies from funders and publishers

Meet our speakers -

  • Mark Hahnel, vice-president of open research, Digital Science and founder of Figshare
  • Claire Knowles, associate director of research and digital futures, University of Leeds
  • Andrew Stewart, institutional lead for open and reproducible research, University of Manchester
  • Claire Turner, senior vice-president (commercial), Research Workflow Solutions, Digital Science
  • James A J Wilson, head of research data services, University College London